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Welcome to my year abroad blog. Thanks for taking the time to come and read this, that in itself is appreciated. This little website that I’ve thrown together is going to be my main outlet whilst I’m out in Australia for updating everyone back home in Britain or wherever else people are, and I’m very excited to see where people come from to read this. Or at least look at the pictures. I’m not sure how often I’m going to update this whilst I’m out there, but I’ll be looking to have something maybe every couple of weeks or so, it really does depend on what I get up to and how much time I have.

I’ve already briefly touched on this, but this blog will be used to update everyone at home on how I’m doing whilst out on my year abroad. I know this is quite a stereotypical year abroad thing to do, but it actually makes quite a lot of sense. I need to submit a progress report at the end of each month to Bangor University (not too much longer than what I’ve already written up to this point), so this will give me a good idea of which points to put into that, or on the flip side of that I can use my progress reports as a basis to expand a little here. It’s also going to be incredibly useful for me as I can send the web address to this blog around to various people so they can receive updates on how I’m getting on with my studies at Deakin University, and what I’ve been up to. So my family and friends as well as the lovely people I’ve worked with at Penrhyn Castle, and staff in the history department at Bangor University could all potentially get to see some of this.

I know it would be a little tedious to try to keep up to date just by checking this website every so often to see if I’ve posted anything, so I’ve made it super easy for all of you, so there’s no excuses. Sorry about that. On the left of the screen (or perhaps at the bottom if you’re on a tablet such as an iPad or some other mobile device) you’ll see a really handy empty box that you can put your email address into. If you would like to receive an email each time that I post an update on here (as I say, I won’t be sending you rubbish, and I won’t be posting every day so I won’t be overloading you with emails, you’ll just be getting an email to say that I’ve posted something here and perhaps you should take a read!) then go ahead and put your email address in the box, check it’s correct and then click the green follow button. Once you’ve done that, you can check your email account after you’ve read this and you’ll have one from “Outbound and Around” asking you to confirm your subscription. All you need to do then is click the “Confirm Follow” button and you’re done! If you can’t see the email, it might be in your junk/spam folder, so check that.

Garth Pier, Bangor
Garth Pier, Bangor
Bangor was showing off on my last full day
Bangor was showing off on my last day

The stunning pictures you can see above were taken on Garth Pier in Bangor during my last full day at Bangor during my recent visit there. As you can see, Bangor decided it wanted to show itself off and really make sure that I missed it. It wasn’t just the distant mountains, the crisp sky and the calm Menai Straits showing themselves off either, the people were phenomenal. I have to admit it did shock me a little that quite a few people came out specifically to see me knowing that I was leaving, and I really appreciate that effort. It surprised me even further that by the time it had come to me leaving Bangor, people that I had never even met until the past week were saying that they were genuinely going to miss me this year too. I wish you all the best. All of this makes me very excited to return to Bangor already, I know I’m at a great place there where there are always great people. Before that though, I can’t express through words how excited I am to start living in the city of Melbourne, and to tell everyone about what I get up to and whether everything really is upside down and out to kill me over there. Only one way to find out, right?

If you made it this far, congratulations and thank you for reading. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep you interested enough to keep reading about my experiences. If you think I’m capable of doing that, do please feel free to make use of that little box for your email so I can let you know when I’ve got something for you! I expect the next update will come days before I leave for Australia if I get time.

Failing that, see you in Australia!

Note: I was not up early to write this to go out at 7am, there’s post scheduling settings that I thought I’d have a play with. I’ve never used wordpress before so bear with me for the first few posts at least!


One thought on “Welcome to my year abroad blog!

  1. Hi Matthew, I’m really looking forward to your updates on here to let us know what you’re up to and hopefully that you are enjoying a fantastic life changing experience! Lots of love Mum xx


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